Exploring Chimneys

Chimneys, a much more loaded subject that you might imagine

A recent article by the Guardian got us thinking about chimneys, a much more loaded subject than you might imagine.

Modern buildings need flues and not chimneys, which has a fundamental affect on the shape and design of our roofscapes. The chimney, hearth and home are politically and culturally linked so planners and designers are keen to see the articulation of chimneys in our urban realm.

Here are some examples of chimneys which may be more, or less, that they first appear…

  1. When is a chimney not a chimney, when the local authority insist

2. When an architectural motif becomes the servicing strategy. There are 8, that’s right, 8 flues in this beast.

3. And these? These chimneys only exist on the outside of the building. For aesthetic placemaking only…

4. An honest flue

5. When the articulation provides a function. These cowls are the ventilation for the workspaces inside

Hannah Wooller, June 2021

Hannah Wooller is Managing Director and Head of Heritage and Culture at Hudson Architects.

Author / Hudson Architects

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