Global Climate Strike

Global Climate Strike

In September millions of people around the world went on strike to demand that governments take radical action to address the climate crisis. This started with young Greta Thunberg protesting by herself outside the Swedish parliament.

Employees of Hudson Architects joined them by striking on the 20th September. Our team care passionately about this topic and believe this is the moment to turn that passion into action. So for one day, the practice supported employees to down tools and add their voices to those across the country and beyond. We also contributed to events planned by hosting a climate change exhibition event in our ground floor gallery space on St Andrews Street.

We were not be alone. Many companies, including other architectural practices, signed up to allow their employees to take part. In the UK, the strike had the backing of the RIBA and the UK Green Building Council. Further afield, Germany’s service sector union, Verdi, called on its 2 million members to join. A global movement is building.

We believe it goes without saying that the climate crisis is real and poses an enormous threat to our environment and society, not to mention our businesses. This is the issue of our lifetimes and the time to act is now. We cannot continue with business as normal.

Warmest regards,

The Team at Hudson Architects