CobBauge: bringing earth into the 21st century

CobBauge build in progress. Photography Joakim Borén Photography

Anthony Hudson explores the rich history of earth and cob construction and argues that now’s the time to champion the potential of CobBauge as a low carbon construction material, in this article published in BD Online.

In an era of growing environmental consciousness, earth construction techniques, with their rich history and low carbon footprint, are coming under the spotlight. CobBauge – our collaborative research project, funded by the European Union, aims to speed up this revival, championing the potential of cob construction as a sustainable and low carbon modern building material.

In his article for BD Online, Anthony delves into the history of earth construction, tracing its origins to ancient times. He highlights the unique properties of cob – a versatile mixture of earth and natural fibres, known for its durability, thermal mass, and ability to regulate indoor humidity.

Traditionally, cob construction has faced limitations in terms of compliance with modern building regulations. However, the CobBauge project has addressed these challenges head-on. By developing new cob mixes and construction techniques, the project has paved the way for cob to be incorporated into mainstream construction practices.

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Author / Hudson Architects

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