Insights from the IUCN UK Peatland Conference 2023

Our involvement with the FibreBroads research project continued last month with Anthony and Katey attending the IUCN UK Peatland Conference 2023, held in Ely.

As part of a workshop focusing on sustainable principles for peatland paludiculture, Anthony, alongside the fantastic Aldert Van Weeren from Wetland Products, presented the initial explorations from the FibreBroads research project entitled; ‘Paludiculture products as sustainable construction materials’- from the unique venue of the Old Courtroom in Sessions House!

The day was a brilliant opportunity to engage with a broad range of people; from farmers to environmental scientists, policy makers to carbon capture companies, ecologists to product designers. They all had varied stakeholder agendas regarding the restoration and management of UK peatlands, which generated great discussion around how common goals can be achieved albeit with different approaches.

Whilst the event furthered our research on the high climate resilience potential of peatlands and celebrated current conservation endeavours, it also increased our awareness of the complex barriers currently in place restricting this potential from being reached. Overcoming these will involve both the general public and policy makers.

The day concluded with a speech by Clifton Bain, the Programme Advisor at the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, who reflected on how far the peatland restoration programme has progressed and what needs to happen next to protect these precious landscapes.

To find out more, we recommend Bain’s brilliant book ‘The Peatlands of Britain and Ireland’ – Katey’s souvenir which she cheerfully showcases.

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