Fakenham CobBauge Features on ITV Anglia

Our ground breaking CobBauge project was recently featured on ITV News Anglia, bringing this sustainable construction method into the spotlight. The project featured in their Natural Solutions segment exploring how nature can combat the pressing issue of climate change.

Watch the feature here

The Fakenham project is the UK’s first domestic CobBauge building, a sustainable 3-double bedroom bungalow. The CobBauge project involves bringing traditional cob into the 21st Century as currently it can be impractical to build with earth as traditional cob does not meet building regulations.

CobBauge is a new composite, solid wall construction created entirely out of natural materials. It contains distinct layers with unique properties: the structural which is a dense inner-face made from cob, and the thermal, which is the lightweight outer-face made from light earth. Both layers consist of a mixture of subsoil and plant fibres, ensuring not only structural integrity but also strong ecological credentials.

Author / Hudson Architects

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